Wednesday, July 27, 2005


My family communicates, albeit in curious and high tech ways. Witness moblog a blog perpetrated by my eldest son. Ahhh acorn ... it is not that far from the tree that you fall. And your father is talking like Yoda again.


Anonymous said...

Okay, it freaks me out a little bit that you have a son one year older than I am! I would never have guessed.

He looks like a great guy. Tell him to take the job at Google. I have a friend who works there. It's a great company.

Unknown said...

The fat old bearded guy uses his cane to creakily get to his feet. He waves it threateningly at the young whippersnapper

Think I'm old d'ye ... well just you stifle it, or I'll set my mother on ye.

Anonymous said...

Is that a promise or a threat?

*lascivious grin*